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Premier 1 Plumbing, Inc. has proudly served Los Angeles for decades. In that time, we have helped numerous people with their plumbing, sewer, and drain needs. On jobs large and small, we always prioritize your needs, offering a customer-focused approach backed by the latest technology and time-tested techniques. Read how we’ve helped others then call (818) 408-4811 to schedule your estimate!

  • Very Grateful!
    I was having trouble with my toilet and shower backing up. I talked to some friends about the issue and they sent me Kevin's information without any hesitation. They spoke very highly of him and his work!

    So a couple of minutes later, I called Kevin up and let him know the situation. He stated it was a mainline issue and in less than 30 minutes a worker named Ricky was knocking at my door. He very professional and knew exactly what was going on! He got us running in no time! He advised me to install cleanout access, explained all the benefits, and I was sold! The next day, Kevin and Ricky both arrive in perfect timing and did a great job of removing my front yard grass and installing the cleanout access to maintain our sewer drain.

    Very grateful for Kevin and his team! I would highly recommend it to anyone!

    - Jazz D.

  • Impressive Work Ethic & Professionalism
    I have had Premier 1 Plumbing come out for two jobs in the past two months - one big one in April, and one recently in May.

    I had been experiencing a "bloated ceiling" for a while, maybe 6 months.  The "bloating" and bubbling came from the paint peeling due to the many leaks.  One day, I came downstairs, and the floor next to my television was wet.  Luckily, my electronics were not damaged.  

    I called many plumbers to get a price quote, but a lot of them stated they would have to cut open the wall in several places in order to diagnose the problem.  Kevin at Premier 1 said that he had a machine that would be able to detect whether the wall and carpets were wet in order to see where the leaks were coming from, and correctly diagnose the problem.  The price was $325, but would be waived if I hired Premier 1 for the job.  After getting the runaround from several different companies, I called Kevin back, and he immediately diagnosed a leaking shower pad.  It was expensive to replace it, as I basically had to get a whole new shower.  While he was there, I also mentioned that I saw leaks in the garage near my car.  When I showed him, he immediately pointed out the cracked pipe.  That was added on to the work, and he had to cut my wall open in order to replace the entire pipe, which was cracked and corroded.  The condo is over 30 years old, so things break down, as we all know.  Kevin wrote out a contract for each job and gave me a 5-year warranty, which I appreciated.  He had his entire crew come out and section off the area so that my furniture did not get wet when they cut open the wall and began drilling in the shower.  It has been 3 weeks, and I have experienced no problems.  

    About a week after Kevin finished the first job, I flushed the toilet in my other bathroom, and the cabinets in my downstairs kitchen flooded.  Kevin came out again and diagnosed a back-up in the toilet.  He replaced the toilet, the toilet rings, and sealed the pipe, which had a minuscule leak.  Despite it being small, I wanted it sealed, as I did not want it to flood later due to inattention.  He installed and sealed the toilet, and they patched the wall.  He also gave me a 60-day warranty on the toilet.  One thing I should mention is that Kevin's crew does it all - they diagnose, repair, and patch things up.  They don't paint, but that is something the homeowners can do themselves.  Instead of having to call in a handyman separately or have your wall gaping open for days, they finish the job and guarantee their work.  

    I was very impressed with their work ethic and professionalism.

    - Heather R.

  • HIGHLY recommend. He and his guys dug up the pipes, fixed everything, and you wouldn't even be able to tell that the yard was dug up.

    My wife and I have called on Kevin a few times to do plumbing work on our house, and every time he's quick to respond. Last week, we discovered a soft, wet spot in our ceiling, and I called Kevin and he came out the very next morning with one of his guys. With the pandemic going on, my wife and I were worried about letting someone into our house, put Kevin assured me that he and his company are following the CDC guidelines. They wore face masks, gloves, and booties the entire time, and kept a good distance. He immediately assessed the problem (our toilet was leaking), fixed the leak, fixed the ceiling -- and did it all in only a couple of hours. He did a job for us last summer, too -- we had some corroded pipes in the front yard. He and his guys dug up the pipes, fixed everything, and you wouldn't even be able to tell that the yard was dug up. He does very good work, is quick and professional, and is an all around cool guy, too :-) HIGHLY recommend. Thank you, Kevin!

    - Aaron A.

  • Very Impressed With the Company
    I was looking for a plumber to come out on a weekend to fix a clogged sink, and I put out bids through Yelp. Of course, there are hundreds of plumbers out there, and how can you really find the "right" one?

    I was in a tight bind and the fastest plumber to reply was Kevin over at Premier 1 Plumbing. Not only was he quick to reply, but I was also able to get him to come over to the house in less than 90 minutes. He was able to snake the drain and clear the drain but pointed out that I had bigger problems to worry about; cast iron pipes that were nearly 100+ years old in my old home.  

    Fast forward about 2 months, I decided I needed to have a leaky shower, toilets, and sink all replaced; I naturally reached out to Kevin to see what his availability was. He was able to get the shower fixed, two toilets in two bathrooms and a kitchen sink all replaced in a day. He earned my business, and the following week, I had him and his team redo all my cast iron pipes and change them out to plastic ones; all of which he and his team were able to complete in one full day.

    I was impressed with his job and that of his team. The one thing that I respect his how he communicates each update of the repair and how timely he is in adjusting to your schedule. Not only is he accommodating your schedule, but he's punctual to the deadlines and schedules he gives.

    - Rei O.

  • Can't Say Enough Good Things!
    I can't say enough great things about Kevin and his guys! When I started smelling something weird in my house on Friday and realized I had a sewer issue I was so worried about finding someone open at 6 pm on Friday night and doing house calls during the corona outbreak in a safe way. Kevin was at my house by 7:30- or maybe even before- and had the whole situation sanitized and cleaned that evening. He walked me through the options for fixing it taking the time to make sure I understood the problem and all of my options and what could happen depending on what I chose to do. He and his team were back literally at 7 am the next morning to completely install a new pipe and had everything in perfect shape within 24 hours- pretty crazy! And today when I still smelled something in my home office he came back- within hours of me texting him- and helped me find where the smell was coming from. The smell had gotten into my air-con system, which is a separate crawl space and he sprayed and sanitized that whole area too, which was completely above and beyond what he had to do or was part of the original job and he explained to me why it was happening and what to do if it continued, but I don't think it will, and it's already so much better in a few hours.  I tried to tip him to thank him for coming back and he literally refused it. Guys, I can't say enough good things! If you're looking for someone you trust will be fast, do a good job and be honest and fair with pricing, look no further! They will be my first call for anything plumbing related in the future and I've already sent his contact info to my family and friends!

    - Rebecca Y.

  • Very Helpful
    Everyone is really busy right now and I wasn't able to get ahold of a plumber until these guys helped me out. I sent them a picture of what was wrong and even though they couldn't service it right away they gave me all the advice I needed over the phone without charging me anything. I really appreciate their help.

    - Sarah P.

  • Kept Me Informed Through the Process
    What an awesome experience with Premier 1 Plumbing. I had to call them at the last minute to install a water heater. Kevin responded right away with a quote and a time for them to come out. Thank goodness they work on Saturdays! These guys were early, fast and efficient. My bad on not informing Kevin that I had no drywall. Sorry bout that Kev! Lol!!! Anyhow, he was able to make suggestions on what to do. He was still able to install it and support it. He even went the extra mile and put in some emergency drywall. Thanks, Kev! All in all, when it comes time to install another water heater, I'm definitely calling these guys. They were awesome. P.S. I forgot to mention. All of this was done remotely. Kevin and his office manager Denise were helpful and fast to communicate. He kept me informed of everything along the way. Again, thank you Premier 1.

    - Babs F.

  • Honest Plumbing Company
    My husband and I have been having sewer problems for over 2 years now. We have tried every method hydro-jet, snaking, etc and it's always been a temporary fix. I've called so many companies that charged me extreme prices to excavate our sewer problem. We understand that sewer problems are not cheap. Premier 1 Plumbing came in with a fair price and included a high warranty with all great quality parts for long term solutions. What made me go with Premier 1 Plumbing was the staff ( Denise ) very professional and informative with the scheduling, paperwork, etc.  Once Kevin and Ricardo arrived my husband and I felt so comfortable from the start. Kevin is very knowledgeable in the plumbing field. He has done a few small jobs for us so we already knew the quality of work and professionalism he has. Well, let's get back to our experience, after telling us what exactly is going on they got started the next morning. They had Jose and Fernando working on the project, they kept everything so clean and organized while excavation was taking place. Kevin came by to make sure everything was running smoothly and on time. Denise/Kevin kept us updated from start to finish and they finished the job in 2 days. Amazing work! They left our front yard as nothing happened! My family, friends, coworkers, neighbors will be calling Premier 1 Plumbing from now on. Thank you, guys!!

    - Thalia C.

  • Satisfied with Extremely Fast Service
    As soon as we find out the problem with our plumbing. I've decided to help my sister by searching on yelp and find the best plumbing services they have.  Kevin from Premier 1 plumbing responded so quickly and the next day we meet up with him and give us the free estimate.  Right away he knows the problem gives us the best quote there is, take pictures before and after, follow up to make sure that everything works out fine.  This company is honest, dependable, and reliable.  We are so happy and satisfied with their excellent fast service.  I will definitely recommend premier 1 with our family and friends.  Thanks for the job well done!!!

    - Sheila D.

  • Very Professional and Answered All My Questions
    After dealing with my sewer for so many years. I finally decided to get it all replaced. I contacted Premier 1 Plumbing. Ricardo and Jose arrived for a walk-through on how they will replace our sewer line. Ricardo was very professional and answered all my questions ( believe me I have a lot!) after having a good agreement with Ricardo and Jose. We decided to go with them.  They got started right away. Ricardo the foreman! made sure our front yard was clean and organized while excavation was taking place. They had a crew of 3 guys doing an amazing job. Ricardo kept me updated with pictures and videos of the progress! The next day they performed a Pipe Burst with a Trench-less Pipelining method for my sewer replacement. The day Kevin Chavez the Owner came by the next day to make sure everything is running smoothly and accurately. The job was at a fair price. These guys are the guys you need for all your plumbing, sewer, and drain needs. Call them today for peace of mind!

    - Marcos A.

  • Quick to Respond
    Kevin (owner) was so quick to respond! Great prices as well as service! We had a leak underneath the house and a couple of other issues that we were unaware of. Kevin and Ricky were so patient and informative when speaking with my grandmother who is hard of hearing. Thank you so much for your service. Highly recommend this company if you have any plumbing issues. Just know that you are in good hands with them.

    - Mikaela M.

  • Amazing Customer Service
    It's not very often I need to call a Plummer but I'm glad I called premier 1 plumbing. Kevin was super professional and was able to help me change out my water heater hassle-free. If you're looking for a Plummer in the Pasadena area this should be your go-to spot.

    - Nicholas O.

  • The Premiere 1 Plumbing Team Was Fantastic
    The Premiere 1 Plumbing team was fantastic. They came out on time, showed me what the problem was, and gave me several options to repair the problem. The job was quick, professional, and finished early. I've used a few plumbers that I would describe as pretty good. I will only call Premier 1 Plumbing from now on.

    - Brian B.

  • Long-Lasting Relationship
    Highly recommended, couldn't have asked for better service! I called about a leaky sink, and they were generous enough to accommodate the odd hours I work and address the problem almost immediately. Kevin is knowledgable, professional, and a terrific communicator ... when my simple problem turned out to be a much larger one, he fabricated a custom P-Trap for me within the hour (the price he gave me was also more than fair, and he threw in a 30-day warranty too!) These are guys who really value your business and want to maintain a lasting relationship with their customers, I'm definitely going to call them again when I'm ready to replace my water heater!

    - Cosmo C.

  • Best Service I Have Ever Received
    These guys are the real deal! I needed a new sewer line/piping job Put into my house In Burbank, CA. I had previously looked through yelp and called different plumbers and all I got was answering Machines, bad attitudes, or right away they wanted money to even come out & look at the problem.
    3 weeks passed and I still could not find a decent plumber I kept getting the runaround or charged for them to give me a quote and then when I did pay a company for a quote they kept saying soon and I never received anything so I was Honestly feeling a little frustrated & Upset thinking to myself how hard can it be to find a good company in my area that will come out look at the sewer and give me an honest fair quote???  A company that will not try to hustle me, a company that has morals & respect for human beings & people like me who have no knowledge or understanding of sewer lines or plumbing issues!!  So I looked on yelp one last time and Came across (premiere 1 plumbing) I called and the lady was actually nice on the phone and From the moment Premiere 1 plumbing stepped foot on my property and I met Ricardo I knew these dudes where good people and cared about their customers.  
    I was Super comfortable & Ricardo answered all of my questions & concerns, he had had a smile on his face like he actually liked his job!!! Then I met the jefe aka the (boss) Kevin and we hit it off from the start like a long lost brother he broke it down to me and what they needed to do how long it will take etc!
    They did a full inspection & I had a quote within 24hrs! I then compared it to a few other bids and they came in thousands of dollars cheaper & the rest was history! They knocked out a job that normally Would take a week to due they did it in less than 2 days knowing we needed It ready for thanksgiving time! Their team does not mess around Kevin called me, updated me every few hours he showed me what they were doing and where the pipes were going he made sure I had a full understanding and knowledge of what was being put in under my house. I've never seen people work so hard & diligently on my a plumbing job as if it was their own home! They were pet friendly so I liked them ever more jk I'm so grateful I met premiere 1 plumbing they are into customer service & care for their client's thanks to Kevin & everyone in the office Denise sent me over an email as soon as the job was done tons of pictures and info on all the work they did. Thanks

    - A. A.

  • Do Business With Them; I'm Happy I Did!
    Kevin and his other team member were professional and got the job done quickly and well. I had an issue with a pipe leaking and he patched it up in a way that not only looks a lot better but works just fine! His price was fair and he was always courteous. Do business with them; I'm happy I did!

    - Will W.

  • Fantastic Service
    Premier 1 plumbing has the best customer service in the valley! They are on top of their work and really took care of my needs. They did some drain work for my business and did a fantastic job. I really recommend it for someone that's looking for good customer service that is on top of their work! Thank you very much premier, you can definitely have me come back if I need any future work!

    - Bruno C.

  • Go the Extra Mile!
    Ricky and Jose came out to install 2 new faucets for our new home.
    Gave us options from pricing and faucet brands. Great service and gave me a warranty on installation. They were very clean on the installation went the extra mile to install everything at my standards! I will definitely call them again in the future.

    - Jesus T.

  • Quick and Efficient Service
    Great communication and super fast response, knowledgeable, and willing to prioritize emergency plumbing issues. I will definitely keep this company on my shortlist of future service.

    - Kevin H.

  • If I Could Give a Sixth Star I Would!
    If I could give a sixth star I would. Premier has come to our rescue so many times. Kevin is so friendly and trustworthy. Last Christmas, my wife was cooking all day and she clogged the sink by trying to put potato peels down the drain. Kevin was able to show up in no time to fix the sink and my wife was able to finish making dinner. Premier 1 saved Christmas! I can't recommend them enough.

    - Kevin E.

  • Very Clean and Organzied
    Looking for a plumber? Give Premier 1 a call TODAY! I had an emergency water leak from my main water line. I called Premier 1 and spoke with Denise and I let her know that I need a plumber ASAP. She kept it short and sweet told me the technician will be arriving between 12 pm to 2 pm.  Kevin ( The Owner ) and Edwin arrived and they were very knowledgeable and professional. Kevin explain the situation to us and said we had a main leak with the galvanized pipe. He walked us through all the options step by step. We decided to replace our main waterline with new copper. The job was done very clean and organized which I loved! They also provided a great warranty for labor/parts. The job was completed in 2 days. I have to say I finally found a plumbing company that actually cares about their clients and their needs. Definitely give them a call for all plumbing problems!

    - Anay R.

  • Professional and Straight-Forward
    Called Premier 1 Plumbing for a sewer odor coming from our restroom. Ricky and Edwin arrived quickly. They went above and beyond to find the problem. After a few minutes, Ricky took pictures and showed me exactly what was the cause of the problem, proceeded to thoroughly explain all my options and we ended up deciding on a sewer repair under the crawl space. Ricky and Edwin were very professional and straight forward. After the repair was done the office sent me a written invoice and pictures of the before and after of the repair. I couldn't be happier with their service, I highly recommend it.

    - Stephanie L.

  • Very Reasonable Pricing!
    Kevin is fantastic! We had what seemed like a small leak in the kitchen sink of our new house. Kevin came out the next day and we found out we needed a regulator, which saved us from a potentially much larger problem. Kevin was professional, helpful, communicative, and his rates are very reasonable. I will absolutely call Kevin again for any future plumbing help we need.

    - Lyvia M.

  • Great Service, Delivered With a Smile
    Highly professional and friendly service for a good price

    We had been having ongoing drain problems and asked several companies for quotes. Kevin came out quickly and assessed the situation, even crawling under the house to check the status of our plumbing. Under the house looked fine but our sewer connection was old and in bad shape and infiltrated with roots. Kevin suggested several possible solutions, explaining each one in detail. His professionalism and knowledge made us feel comfortable about choosing a more thorough fix. Kevin and his wonderful crew kept us informed every step of the way and they were so tidy, even putting a tarp in the yard to put any dug up dirt on. When they were done the yard looked just as it had before, but underground our sewer issues are solved! Along the way, they fixed our wobbly toilet. Great service, delivered with a smile. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

    - Ite L.

  • Truly Nice Guys!
    These guys were both EFFICIENT and FRIENDLY! Kevin and Ricky came to help with a leaky toilet and clogged drain. They resolved the drain issue and replaced the toilet in one quick visit. And, very importantly, they were truly nice guys! I would definitely recommend this company!

    - Marnie K.

  • Put Us at Ease
    Extremely pleased with the service and work that Kevin and his team provided. They quickly resolved our issues and were very informative and transparent about the whole process. They were very professional and were respectful of our space and made us feel at ease. I would definitely recommend them to all our friends and family!

    - Karina R.

  • Friendly and Personable Staff
    Kevin and Ricky were fantastic. Not only was Kevin the quickest to reply to my inquiry, but he was also easy to communicate with and clearly showed confidence and experience. Even after a few reschedules, Kevin was very accommodating and was able to fit something in that worked with my schedule. Upon arriving, he was friendly and personable and went above and beyond to help me identify a smell that was permeating through my apartment, which turned out to be a pipe leak in the ceiling. I felt that he was the utmost professional and Ricky insisted on sweeping up any mess that came from opening up part of the ceiling. Definitely would hire again!

    - Lucy L.

  • No Price Gouging, No Hassle, Upfront, and Honest Work at a Good Price
    Premier 1 Plumbing is a Grade A plumbing service with affordable pricing and extremely knowledgeable staff.  I am very satisfied not only with the team's workmanship but their professionalism is second to none.  Kevin and his team were mindful of my home, worked quietly, and dutifully to not disturb my family (we have a baby).  They started off with a smile and a handshake, an instant indication that they were there to service my needs.  Not only did they fix the back up in my drain line but I also looked at a leaking toilet that I had in my home as well.  One thing that I was really happy was that they did a great job cleaning up after themselves including the work area too.  I know who I am going to call whenever I have a plumbing issue.  No price gouging, no hassle, upfront, and honest work at a good price.  Also, Kevin checked back in after the work to make sure everything was working fine.  You don't see that a lot nowadays.

    Thank you Premier 1 Plumbing.

    - Bennett T.

  • Gave Multiple Solutions
    I had a great experience with Kevin from Premier 1 Plumbing. We started off with a tub and toilet which would continually clog up. Kevin and his team came in professionally and recommended a viable solution to permanently resolve our plumbing issue. Thank you, Kevin, it was a great experience.

    - Godfrey O.

  • If I Could, I'd Give Them 10 Stars
    First off, Kevin and the team at Premier 1 are a joy to work with.  Honest, extremely hard working and down to earth.  There was no beating around the bush, just a very clear explanation of my options and his personal recommendation based on many, many years of experience.

     It's very rare to find a team as dedicated to solving a problem and doing the job the right way, one time.  We knew we had to replace our main sewer line, but we did not want to have to dig up our entire backyard to get the job done.  Kevin and the team came in with a trenchless liner solution to solve our problem and installed a 2-way cleanout valve while he was at it.  The tools at his disposal are impressive and effective.  He even brought a robot with him to be able to extend our liner past a Y joint to give us a completely new sewer line all the way to the house.  

     Throughout the whole process Kevin kept us appraised of the situation (made more difficult by threatening rain), and at the end sent us a detailed writeup on the work that was performed, including video of the before and after work.

     If I could, I'd give them 10 stars.  Great people to work with and true professionals!

    - Steven T.